IASIS Group Therapy Workshops


Purposeful Anger

September 10 – October 15/14
6 weeks 7-9pm Wednesday

Feeling anger is normal but how we express our anger has a significant influence on every aspect of our lives. Problem or out-of-control anger is a destructive force that which hurts others and acts against your own best interest. Purposeful anger is controlled and can be a constructive force, motivating us to challenge what is NOT in our best interest and take action to resolve it. The goal of this workshop is to learn how to direct your anger in a purposeful way that enhances your relationships and work environments.

Workshop: $300


Reclaiming Yourself

October 29 – December 3/14
6 weeks 7-9pm Wednesday

From the moment we are born we are bombarded with messages….how to behave, look, believe, think, feel …..in order to be a “good” person. Many of us live in fear that we are not succeeding at being good enough: loved enough, accepted enough or successful enough. We accept without question that how others view us is the measure of our worth. Without even realizing it we have surrendered our life by not being true to who we are; but to who we think we should be. “Wearing a mask is bad enough; but even worse is thinking the mask is the real you.” This workshop is designed to help you compassionately embrace your true self and find self-power, self-knowledge and self-understanding.

Workshop: $300


Core Healing

February 9-13, 2015
5days Monday thru Friday 9am – 4pm Lunch provided

This is a program for adult survivors of childhood abuse. Adult victim’s often struggle with feelings of isolation, depression, anxiety, fear, anger and guilt. The pain of these feelings may mask itself through poor self-image, bad relationships, addictions, eating disorders, pervasive anger……. The goal of Core Healing is to systematically dismantle the damaging misconceptions that many abuse victims struggle to live with every day and to help you to really live your life instead of just surviving it. “Abuse is something that happened to you but it doesn’t have to define who you are.”

Workshop: $500
Follow up after course: 3 Individual appointments: $225 3 Skype appointments: $175


Preparing for Marriage

March 20-21, 2015
Friday 7-9 pm Saturday 10am-4pm

Long lasting and happy marriages take effort and attention. Exploring your readiness for marriage, expectations, present and potential challenges, can help your relationship go the distance.

Workshop: $175 per couple


Relationship Rescue

April 8 – May 13, 2015
6 weeks Wednesday 7-9 pm

Everyone has expectations of what they want and believe their marriage should be. When expectations differ it is easy to fall into negative patterns of behavior and build resentment. How well do you know what you want and value for your life and marriage? How well do you know your partner’s expectations? The goal of this workshop is to help you answer these questions and lead you into a more loving, accepting relationship.

Workshop: $375 per couple


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"I'm not terribly sure where I'd be today without therapy. Not that things were all that bad, but even the little things in life can build up on a person."

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When we are in physical pain we usually do not hesitate to seek assistance from a medical professional. When we are in emotional pain should we not care for ourselves in the same way?